Review: Delta Sky Club Atlanta (Concourse E)

After arriving from Austin on our weather delayed flight, we headed towards the Plane Train to make our way to the Sky Club in Concourse E. While Delta operates a Sky Club in every concourse in Atlanta, our flight was departing at 11:45p and most clubs close between 10 and 10:30p. Therefore, with the latest closing time of 11:15p, we started our trek from Concourse B to the club.

Atlanta Airport Plane Train


With Atlanta being Delta’s home base, they have a massive presence in the airport. They operate Sky Clubs in all seven concourses. The Concourse E Sky Club is located across from gate E15. Upon exiting the Plane Train, follow the signs to Concourse F and International Baggage Claim. There will be a McDonald’s and a few other fast food restaurants on your left and a sign to the Sky Club to the right. The entry to the Sky Club will be to the right after the hallway split.

a man with a luggage bag in a airport
a man with a suitcase in a airport

Hours of Operation

Currently the lounge is open from 6:30a to 11:15p daily, covering the majority of Delta and SkyTeam departures from the airport.

Entry Requirements

Due to the massive crowding at Delta Sky Clubs recently, we’ve seen Delta overhaul the entry requirements. The easiest way to enter the lounge is by using a qualifying American Express credit card (including the AmEx Platinum and Delta Reserve cards) or by having a Sky Club membership and a same day Delta boarding pass. We accessed the lounge using our American Express Platinum Cards. The friendly agents checked us in and informed us of our flight status and departure gate. Delta has also rolled out a handy feature in their app that will list the Sky Clubs at hub airports along with how busy they are.

Sky Club status in Delta App

You can find the full list of entry requirements here.


Upon entering the lounge there was a large desk with multiple check in stations. There were only 2 staff working but there was no line at this late hour so we were helped immediately. The lounge was arranged somewhat like a circle, with the check-in desk in the middle.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Check-In

Across from the check-in desk was a small seating area with a table and a few chairs.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Entry Seating

Behind this wall was a set of cubicles that provided a decent amount of privacy.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Cubicles

Past this was a funky, Y shaped couch with some small tables and chairs surrounding it.

a large lounge area with purple couches and chairs
a lounge area with a round table and chairs

Behind the couch was a variety of low chairs and high top bar seating with large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ramp.

people sitting in a room with chairs and tables
a group of people sitting in chairs in a room

Though they were full when we arrived, my favorite seats in this lounge are the high top seats along the window facing Gate E11 and the international ramp. Every time I visit this lounge there is a massive Delta widebody parked front and center.

a row of chairs in a room
a plane at an airport

We found a seat at one of the booths built into the wall dividing the seating from the buffet area. The main part of the lounge is where you really started to notice that the lounge was showing a little wear and tear. They did have signs at the seats saying that power was coming soon, but even those seemed like they had been around for a while.

people sitting in chairs in a lounge area
a sign on a table

Across from the main lounge area was the bar, which had a few seats but was mostly set up for walk ups.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Bar

Adjacent to the bar was a newsstand with various magazines on display.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Newsstand

Behind the bar area was the bathroom, which was covered in red tile. It was probably modern 15 years ago, but looks outdated now.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Restroom

Finally, in the rear of the lounge, was a quiet seating area that appeared to be much cozier than the main part of the lounge.

a room with chairs and tables
a room with a television and chairs

Food and Beverage

Since we were only in the lounge for the last hour of operation I wasn’t sure what to expect by way of food. I headed over to the buffet area, located between the main portion of the lounge and the bar to check out the spread and was pleasantly surprised to see Sky Club employees constantly checking on and refilling the food.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Seating

The center part of the buffet held a build your own salad area as well as some sandwiches, including a chicken salad sandwich and a vegan hummus sandwich.

a woman standing behind a counter with food on it
a table with sandwiches and condiments

The end cap had cookies and brownies on offer and the backside had some dips, meats and cheeses.

a table with cookies and a slice of brownie on it
a counter with food on it

Along the wall were some containers with soups and other hot dishes.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Buffet

In addition to the buffet, there were some small seating areas built into the wall surrounding the food.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Seating

I wasn’t terribly hungry, so I had a bowl of the Italian wedding soup along with some cornbread and mashed potatoes.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Food

Finally, the bar had your standard Sky Club offerings and was well staffed even at the late hour. There were always 2-3 bartenders available right up until last call and I never saw a line for the bar during our stay.

Atlanta Concourse E Delta Sky Club Bar


Though the lounge was busy, it was fairly quiet overall due to the late hour. People were either snacking or trying to rest and there wasn’t much chatter going on. Much like the lounge itself, the people just seemed worn and tired. Maybe that added to the atmosphere. Based on the flights in Concourse E, I’d say most of these folks were waiting to board the red eye flights to South America that typically leave around midnight.


The Atlanta Concourse E Sky Club is perfectly adequate but has fallen behind some of the other clubs in the airport, especially the gorgeous new one in Concourse F. I wouldn’t go out of my way to use this lounge unless, as was the case with us, the others are closed/closing. Though I wouldn’t hesitate to stop in if I had a flight departing from Concourse E.

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