Review: Delta B737-900 Comfort+ (ATL-BNA)

After arriving from Austin, we had a roughly 2 hour layover in Atlanta so we headed off to the Delta Sky Club to pass the time before our flight to Nashville in Delta’s B737-900 Comfort+.


We booked our flights directly through the Delta website, after using Google Flights to find the best option for our trip. We ended up paying less than $200 per person for Comfort+ seats for the entire trip (AUS-ATL-BNA).


We spent our layover in the Delta Sky Club located in Concourse E. Though we landed in the B Gates and were departing from the T Gates, we headed for the Concourse E club as it was open the latest. The other clubs closed between 10:00p-10:30p and, with a 11:48p departure time, the 11:15p closing of the Concourse E lounge made the most sense. I did a full write up of the lounge here.

a group of people standing at a reception desk
a room with chairs and tables
people sitting in a room with chairs and tables


Fifteen minutes before scheduled boarding, as we were preparing to leave the Sky Club, I got a push notification from the Fly Delta app that boarding had started so we headed out to the Plane Train for the long ride to the T Gates.

ATL Plane Train

After 10 minutes we found ourselves at the T Gates and made our way towards Gate T6 and our waiting Boeing 737-900ER.

a man walking down an escalator
people in an airport

Delta Air Lines

DL 2369

ATL-BNA (Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International – Nashville International)

Seat: 12A (Comfort+)

B737-900ER (N879DN)

Scheduled: 11:48p-11:41p

Actual: 11:41p-11:47p

By the time we approached the gate, the last few passengers were making their way on board. I scanned my boarding pass and, as Mrs. ATX Jetsetter scanned here, I heard the kiosk beep. Her seat 12C had been taken and she had been moved to 12B. Apparently an agent took over the ticket to accommodate another passenger and she got bumped from her aisle seat to the middle. After talking with the gate agent, she said the flight was full and there weren’t any window/aisle pairs available and advised me to send a complaint to Delta. Ultimately, once onboard, the woman in 12C moved up to an open bulkhead aisle and we ended back up with 12A and C. Though, with a flying time of less than 30 minutes, being stuck with the window/middle wasn’t the end of the world.

ATL Gate T6


Onboard, the Comfort+ legroom on the 737-900 was a little on the tight side, but for the short flight it was fine. Our plane had the larger, high-definition screens which are much better than Delta has on their old, tired 737-800’s.

a seat with a pocket on the side
a screen on a seat


The crew dimmed the lights before we even pushed back from the gate and informed us that, due to the short duration of the flight, no service would be offered in the main cabin.

Delta B737-900ER Cabin

We pushed back next to a Delta A321 and made our way out towards the runway.

Delta A321 in Atlanta

As we taxied out, I fired up the IFE and watched Jimmy Kimmel Live. Before long, we were airborne.

Delta B737-900ER IFE

In Flight

With only 20-ish minutes in the air, the flight went by in no time and soon we were on approach into Nashville.


We landed on Runway 2C and taxied over to Concourse B and pulled in next to another Delta Boeing 737-900ER.

Delta B737-900ER in Nashville

Once we deplaned, we followed the signs towards Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation.

Nashville International Airport Concourse B

Once we made it to the headhouse, I was amazed at the transformation that the airport had undergone since my last visit 6 years ago. I used to be a frequent visitor to Nashville, going 8-10 times a year but that ended just as they embarked on their terminal update project. Now, with it almost finished, it resembled a world class airport and was open and airy.

people walking in a large building
a large screen in a building

We headed to baggage claim to retrieve our checked bags and then headed off to the rideshare pickup to grab an Uber into town.

a group of people walking around a conveyor belt
people with luggage in a parking garage


Aside from the mixup with the seats, this flight went exactly how you would expect. Short flight, no service but everything was on time and our bags came out quickly. While I wouldn’t pay for Comfort+ on this short route alone, since it was part of our larger ticket it was nice to have the extra legroom.

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