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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by airplanes and, by default, travel. As a kid whose father was also a frequent traveler, some of my earliest memories with my family came on airplanes.

During graduate school, I stumbled upon FlyerTalk and discovered the world of hotel points and airline miles. This allowed me to travel to Europe twice during my last semester alone!

After graduation, I began my career as a management consultant in Dallas (and a subsequent corporate relocation to Austin) which provided me the opportunity to do even more traveling. During a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the Fall of 2018, I had dinner with one of my former classmates who told me about his ‘Flight Log’ and how he could look back on many of his travels. During my trip home I logged my first flight, an American Eagle CRJ-700, and haven’t stopped counting since.

Eventually, I began chronicling my travels on FlyerTalk and, over the years, amassed a few different trip reports with no easy way to chronicle them. Finally, I decided to jump in and become a small fish in the very large ocean that is travel blogging. While I plan to continue taking and documenting new trips, I will be re-editing and uploading some of my recent past travels as well.

If you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, thank you! Hopefully I’ll run into you on a bus, plane, or train somewhere along the way.

-ATX Jetsetter

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