Review: VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2 (SJD)

After a great stay at The Westin Los Cabos, it was time for us to head home. Before our flight we had the chance to check out the VIP Lounge located inside Terminal 2 at Los Cabos International Airport.


After clearing security in Terminal 2 and navigating the duty free maze, turn left when you reach the main concourse. Halfway down, on the right, is the food court. The VIP Lounge is located on the far left side, next to Subway.

a group of people in a building
VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2 Entrance

It is easy to spot thanks to the wood facade which stands out against the white used on the food stalls.

VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Los Cabos Entrance
The entrance to the lounge is easy to spot from the food court.

Hours of Operation

The lounge hours vary depending on the day of the week. At the time of publishing, the hours are as follows:

Monday9:00am to 6:00pm
Tuesday9:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday9:00am to 4:00pm
Thursday9:00am to 4:00pm
Friday9:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday9:00am to 5:00pm

Entry Requirements

The easiest way to access the VIP Lounge Los Cabos is via Priority Pass. I have this through my American Express Platinum card and many other premium travel cards offer this perk. Day passes can be purchased for $800 MXN which is roughly $50 USD.

It’s worth noting that access to the lounge is currently capped at 3 hours per visit. This wasn’t mentioned when we checked in though our flight was scheduled to depart well within the window.

We were assisted quickly upon arrival as there were two clerks and no other passengers in line. We arrived roughly 25 minutes after opening and the whole lounge was relatively empty. It did fill up quickly after we arrived.

a man standing behind a counter
VIP Lounge Los Cabos Check In


Upon entering the lounge you head down a hallway lined with some seating. The first seating area is visible at the end of the hall. Overall the lounge felt more like a swanky restaurant or club as it was dark and moody.

a room with a reception desk and a man standing behind it
VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2 Entrance

A center walkway separated the seating areas located on both sides of the lounge. The spaces were small enough to feel somewhat private, but not so small that they felt cramped.

a man sitting on a blue couch in a lobby
VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2 Seating
a group of people sitting at a table
VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2 Seating

In the center of the lounge is a large bar. This acted as the focal point for the lounge. A number of barstools surrounded the bar and there was a space for walk ups which is nice. Other lounges don’t do this so you have to lean over or squeeze between patrons when the bar is busy.

VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Bar Area
VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Bar Area

The lounge has a good mix of seating with high top tables that could be used as workstations, couches, and chairs.

VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Seating
VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Seating
VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Seating
VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Seating

The restrooms were located down hallway at the rear of the lounge. I found them to be clean and well maintained. I also appreciated the fact the stalls had full doors. Since Los Cabos doesn’t see any long-haul flights, there wasn’t a need for shower facilities here.

a bathroom with sinks and mirrors
VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Bathroom

Food and Beverage

The lounge has a small buffet in the rear corner that featured light bites and snacks. Chips and salsas, guacamole, sliced fruit, soup, cereal, bread, and cookies were available.

VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Buffet Area
VIP Lounge Terminal 2 Buffet Area

While you could order drinks from the bar, and self serve coffee was available in the buffet area, we had an attendant that came around to take beverage orders. She would stop by periodically to see if we needed anything.

During our short visit I had a mimosa and black coffee while Mrs. ATX had a cappuccino.

a cup of coffee and a glass of juice on a table
Beverage Service at the VIP Lounge Los Cabos
a glass cup with a drink on a saucer
Cappuccino at the VIP Lounge Los Cabos


As I mentioned above, we managed to find a calm area at the rear of the lounge. It was tucked away but still had good views out across the space.

a room with couches and chairs
VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2

Overall the lounge was quiet with some quiet music playing over the speakers. Somewhat surprisingly, that music was MTV’s Non-Stop 80’s Hits and every TV in the lounge was playing the corresponding music video. I thought this was more fun than annoying.

a tv on the wall
Interesting choice for an airport lounge soundtrack.

We only had 45 minutes in the lounge before it was time to head to our departure gate but the lounge filled up quickly between 9:30a-10:15a. Thankfully it stayed relaxing and was better than buying overpriced food in the busy terminal. It was worth accessing the lounge via Priority Pass but I wouldn’t spend $50 per person to enter unless I could maximize the full three hours due to the limited food options.


The VIP Lounge Los Cabos Terminal 2 is the only lounge in the very busy international terminal at the airport. The lounge itself was modern and quiet and we found the staff to be very attentive. While I wouldn’t pay for a guest pass, I’d recommend stopping in if you have access via Priority Pass.

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