Southwest Adds Pricing, Fare Details to Google Flights

Welcome to the party Southwest Airlines! The airline has begun including pricing via the popular Google Flights platform. This feature was quietly rolled out this morning and spotted by a few eagle-eyed aviation related Twitter/X platforms (Thanks to @ProfitsandPoints for being the account that brought this to my attention).

Southwest Flight Details Finally Appear on Google Flights

Just for fun I headed over to Google Flights and looked at the Dallas to Houston route. This route has a ton of competition between Dallas (DFW and Dallas-Love) and Houston (Bush Intercontinental and Hobby). I picked some random dates in June and saw Southwest populating along with the other airlines that operate the route.

a screenshot of a flight schedule
Southwest Airlines Flights now Appear on Google Flights

While Southwest flight times would show in the past, the pricing was not listed and you had to click through to the airline’s website in order to see pricing, fare types, and details. Now when selecting a Southwest flight via Google Flights, each of the fare buckets inclusions are listed.

a screenshot of a flight schedule
All Four of the Airline’s Fare Buckets are Represented

This is a win for consumers and the airline as it makes it easier for travelers to compare prices without leaving the platform. The airline also has the added benefit of capturing flyers that utilize Google Flights as their primary method of booking (like myself). I very rarely would click over to when booking flights unless pricing from other carriers was high.

airplanes parked at an airport
America’s Largest Domestic Airline is now Fully Incorporated into Google Flights


Southwest Airlines quietly added pricing and fare details to Google Flights. This popular and powerful tool for comparing and booking travel is now even stronger with the addition of America’s largest domestic airline.

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