Review: United Express E175 First Class (IAH-DFW)

Note: This Flight Occurred in May of 2021

After a very relaxing flight in United’s 737-700 EconomyPlus bulkhead, we arrived into Houston a few minutes early. Since we were coming from the US Virgin Islands there was no need for customs and, once we deplaned, we made our way over to the B gates and our flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth.


Our routing home was much more straightforward than our outbound. Thanks to Google Flights I managed to find a decent price on a United flight with a perfectly timed layover in Houston that I booked directly with United (STT-IAH-DFW).


With only 55 minutes before departure, and 20 minutes from the start of boarding, we began our trek from the high C gates over to the low B gates. While I don’t necessarily mind connecting in Houston, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the terminal layouts which can make you feel like you’re in a maze, especially in the windowless corridors connecting Terminals B and C.

a sign on the ceiling of a building
a large white room with a sign on the wall
a group of people on an escalator
a row of chairs in an airport
people walking in a hallway with a sign above it
people walking in a terminal

Our flight was departing from the newer portion of Terminal B and the experience here was much closer to what you would find in Europe rather than the states. There is a large departures lounge with some large windows and a few large display screens showing flight information. Just before boarding the gate is announced and you can enter the boarding area for your flight.

people in an airport terminal
a large screen with a blue screen in a building

Since we still had a few minutes before boarding was called we ran over to the nearby Whataburger to grab a bite to eat.

Whataburger Houston-Intercontinental Terminal B


As soon as we got our food, boarding was called and we made our way down the escalators to the ground level holding area. Fortunately for me, my battlefield upgrade cleared as we were boarding. I offered it to Mrs. ATX Jetsetter but she just wanted to sleep and would rather have the Economy window than a First Class aisle seat.

a man standing in a building with a sign on the wall
a large window with a couple of airplanes in it

SkyWest Airlines DBA United Express

UA 5743

IAH-DFW (Houston-Intercontinental – Dallas/Ft. Worth International)

Seat: 1C (First)

EMB-175 (N141SY)

Scheduled: 7:50p-9:05p

Actual: 7:48p-8:59p

It was starting to drizzle as we walked out on the tarmac and to the ramp for our waiting E175 that would take us up to Dallas that evening.

a plane parked on a tarmac
a plane with windows and a curtain

I settled into 1C with my Whataburger in tow and soon we were all buttoned up and ready to go.

United Express E175 First Class Legroom


We buttoned up a couple of minutes early and taxied out to the runway. Unfortunately I didn’t have much in the way of views since I was on the aisle with a stranger in the window (Usually I’d just lean across Mrs. ATX Jetsetter to grab some pics).

an airplane parked at an airport
a cockpit of an airplane

In Flight

The flying time from Houston to Dallas is pretty short and, due to some weather on the climb out, the flight attendants didn’t have a chance to do a beverage service during the flight. They were able to distribute some snack bags to us.

United Express E175 First Class Snack Bag


Soon after leaving Houston we were on final approach into DFW and taxied over to gate E7.

a man walking down a hallway with luggage
a blue sign on a white surface

Since Mrs. ATX Jetsetter had checked a bag, so we headed to the E4 baggage claim to wait for our luggage which came out about 10 minutes after arrival.

DFW Airport Concourse E Baggage Claim

With bags in hand, we called an Uber to take us to the house.


While I wouldn’t pay for First Class on a flight this short, it’s always nice to catch a battlefield upgrade. The 1-2 layout in United Express First Class on the E175 is extremely comfortable and the breakdown of First to Economy Class seats gives elites a great shot at an upgrade. While I can’t speak to the service, it was a comfortable ride and we had an early arrival in Dallas.

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