Review: The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort Airport Lounge (MLE)

After clearing customs and retrieving our bags from our flight from Doha, it was time to make our seaplane transfer over to The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort.

Arrival Meeting and Transfer

Our experience with the Westin started long before our arrival in Male. I had been in contact with the hotel in the days and weeks leading up to our arrival, updating them on our flight times and answering any questions we had. We met our concierge, Koo, and her partner who were waiting for us landside and escorted us over to the chaos that was the Trans Maldivian Airways check-in counter. We waited to the side while they took our bags to be weighed and tagged and returned with our baggage receipts which also doubled as our boarding passes.

a group of people in a line
a hand holding a ticket

Outside was a waiting hotel van which drove us around to the other side of the airport and the seaplane base. There are multiple hotels that operate lounges at the seaplane terminal. The Westin Maldives operates a private lounge here for arriving passengers awaiting transfer to the hotel. Koo led us up to the second floor and into the lounge which was located on the corner.

a grey van parked in a parking lot
a person standing in front of a sign

Entry Requirements

The lounge is only accessible to Westin passengers arriving in Male and awaiting their seaplane transfer to the resort. Returning passengers have their flights timed to coincide with their departing flight.


The lounge is clearly intended for families and groups that are traveling together which is fantastic. It is laid out in a long rectangle with the reception desk and buffet in the front and seating towards the back. There are seating areas that seat between 4-8 people. There was also a small children’s play area. Since we were the only passengers in the lounge, we settled in the back corner near the windows which had views of the seaplane base and the main tarmac.

a room with a wood floor and a wood floor with a wood floor and a wood floor with a wood floor and a wood floor with a wood floor and a wood floor with a wood floor and
a room with wicker furniture and a table
a room with couches and chairs
a room with a table and toys

Food and Beverage

The buffet was in the front of the lounge and had muffins and croissants available as well as a selection of sodas and some infused waters. It’s worth noting that, outside of the resorts, the Maldives is a dry country. So don’t expect to find any alcohol here.

a shelf with food and drinks on it
a tray of muffins on a wood tray
a plate with croissants on it
two glass jars with lemons and a drink dispenser

Passing Time in the Lounge

After we settled in, Koo took our Passports and finalized the check-in process for us so we wouldn’t have to do anything at the hotel. She also asked if we wanted anything to drink and we both ordered a couple of coffees. The time zone changes were still messing with me and I was hungry, so I grabbed a croissant as well.

a cup of coffee on a table
a croissant on a plate

Koo informed us that the estimated departure time for our transfer was 11:30am and she would update us if there were any changes. Mrs. ATX Jetsetter took a nap, and I spent some time plane spotting. I managed to catch an Emirates 50th Anniversary 77W and a Saudia ‘Imagine Riyadh’ 787 as well as the constant operations of the seaplanes.

Emirates Boeing 777-300 50th Anniversary
Saudia Boeing 787-9 Imagine Riyadh
Trans Maldivian Airways Seaplane Base

At 11:15am we were informed that our flight was preparing to board, and we were led downstairs to board our transfer.


The staff was also extremely helpful and I really appreciated them taking care of some of the check-in details while we waited in the lounge. Since we were the only passengers it was extremely relaxing and private, but I can imagine that it could feel more chaotic if the lounge was full. For those guests that do not have a hotel lounge, the only other option is to wait in the covered outdoor area adjacent to the dock so I really appreciated having this space.

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