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For our final stop on this trip, Mrs. ATX and I were spending a few days in Stockholm. Since I’m currently chasing Marriott Lifetime Platinum status, hotels that are part of the Marriott Bonvoy program are getting the bulk of my attention. Marriott has a limited number of properties in Stockholm which made the Sheraton Stockholm an easy choice.


I booked our three night stay in Stockholm directly through using 129,000 Bonvoy points (43,000 points per night) for a Classic King Room. There aren’t many Marriott hotels in Stockholm and the Sheraton is close to the train station and Old Town which is a plus.


The Sheraton Stockholm hotel occupies prime real estate steps from Stockholm Central Station and the Gamla Stan (Old Town). Out the front door of the hotel is the Norrström, one of the shortest rivers in the world that connects Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea. The hotel is easily accessible by road, rail, or on foot.

Exterior of the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

We arrived via the Arlanda Express train from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. After stepping off the train there is signage pointing to various hotels including the Sheraton.

a sign with directions on it
a statue of a man in front of a white building

Lobby & Check-In

Upon entering the hotel we found the large, but sparse lobby. Some luggage carts were located along the wall next to the entrance.

a lobby with a tv and a tree
luggage carts in a room

We located the check in desks on the right side of the lobby along the wall.

people in a large building
a reception desk in a hotel

We arrived a the hotel around 2:00p and greeted by the clerk as we approached. After taking our passports and locating our reservation, the clerk informed us that our room was ready and that we had been “upgraded” to a room on the Club Level overlooking the water.

Breakfast was included in our stay and a welcome gift was offered thanks to my Marriott Titanium status. While I always take the points, Mrs. ATX wanted the amenity (a rubber duck). Apparently this is a thing at Sheraton hotels but I don’t recall seeing this at other Sheraton hotels.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Elite Welcome Gift List


We were assigned a Classic King Room on the 7th floor, the 2nd highest floor in the hotel and where the Club Lounge was located before being relocated to the lobby. Aside from the view, there aren’t any perks of being upgraded to the Club Level.

As soon as we opened the door I immediately notice that, at some point, the door had been breached. The rame had been repaired, but not painted, and the door itself also showed signs of impact. We weren’t off to a great start.

a door lock in a wall
a hand holding a door lock

Once inside the room, the bathroom was off to the left while a wardrobe housing an iron, ironing board, hangars, safe, bathrobes, and slippers.

a ironing board in a closet
a shelf with towels and towels on it

Next to the wardrobe was a sparsely stocked mini fridge along with a Nespresso branded coffee maker, kettle, selection of teas, water, and an ice bucket.

two bottles of beer inside a refrigerator
a glass shelf with cups and mugs on it

Through this short hallway is the main portion of the room. The bed was on the left and flanked by two night stands. The wood paneling and dark walls gave the room a warm and inviting feel.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Classic King Room Bed

Across from the bed was a desk, TV stand, and luggage rack.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Classic King Room TV Stand and Desk

Underneath the TV stand are a few small cabinets and drawers for storage. The desk portion had a phone, lamp, and a built in writing pad. Power Plugs are also built in to the desk.

a telephone and pen on a desk
a power strip with multiple outlets and a silver object on the side
luggage next to a white cabinet
a tv on a counter

Closest to the window was a pair of comfortable chairs with a small table in between.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Classic King Room Seating

Outside, we had a fantastic view of Gamla Stan and the short river connecting Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea.

View of the Gamla Stan and Norrström from the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

Back towards the front of the room, the bathroom felt updated and bright given its smaller size.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Classic King Room Bathroom

The large counter area had plenty of room to spread out toiletries and makeup.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Classic King Room Bathroom Counter

The shower had another one of the funky, half glass walls with no door that have become popular in European hotels. Toiletries were from Gilchrist & Soames and mounted to the wall in reusable bottles.

a shower with a shower head and a shower head
a group of shampoo bottles on a marble surface

While we enjoyed our room initially, aside from the kicked in door, we went out to explore the city and came back a few hours later to the smell of raw sewage. We brought this to the attention of the hotel staff and ,they indicated that they got that complaint somewhat regularly and moved us to another room on the same floor.

In the hotel’s defense, a massive construction project is happening on the adjacent lot which seems to be causing the issues. I’m not sure why they are putting guests in the rooms closest to the construction though if they know this is an ongoing issue.

a bed with white sheets and lamps in a room
two chairs next to a table

Food and Beverage Options

The Sheraton Stockholm features four food and beverage options. They decided to get very creative with the names; The Restaurant at Sheraton Stockholm, Lobby Bar, Coffee Shop TB6 (Bonus points for the reference to the hotel’s address), and The Breakfast. In case you think I’m making this up, here’s a link to the hotel’s dining page.

We only ate at The Breakfast during our stay and I grabbed drinks from the Lobby Bar one evening. Like many other European full service hotels, the breakfast buffet had a large selection and was being constantly refreshed.

eggs in pots and pans on a table
a row of pots on a counter
food in a restaurant kitchen
food on a table
a group of plates of food
a buffet table with bowls of food
a row of bowls of different colored food
a display of bowls of cereal and other food
a group of bowls of cereal and milk
a trays of pastries on a table
a trays of bread in a tray
a coffee machine with a screen and a cup on a table

Lobby Bar was your standard hotel bar and had a few barstools surrounding the central bar along with some smaller tables and chairs surrounding it.

a room with a bar and a couch
a group of people sitting on couches in a room with a tv

During my one visit to the bar, there was a group of off duty employees sitting at the bar complaining about the guests which was somewhat off-putting.

Club Lounge

The Club Lounge was originally located on the 7th floor but had been temporarily relocated to the Lobby due to an ongoing renovation project. It was a minor inconvenience and negated the value of the “upgrade” to the Club Level.

Down in the Lobby, the temporary Club Lounge was located in a converted conference room/event space. Aside from a small sign, it was tucked away behind the business center. Access was granted by swiping your room key.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Club Lounge Entrance

The Club Lounge is open between 6:30a-11:00p daily (except weekends when the lounge opens at 7:00a. From 4:30p-7:30p complimentary alcoholic beverages are served and snacks and appetisers are served between 5:00p-7:00p.

The Sheraton Stockholm appeared to be a business traveler heavy hotel during our stay and the club lounge reflected this. The lounge was constantly packed full so I had to grab these photos over the course of a few days.

Along the back wall was an assortment of booths, either facing one another or placed along the wall. In the middle there were a few high top tables while the rest of the lounge had a selection of low tables.

a room with tables and chairs
a room with chairs and a table

The snacks and appetizers served each night were on the heavy side and could be a substitute for dinner. The hotel also rotated the menu each night during our stay which was appreciated.

a table with a bowl of fruit and a bowl of silverware
a group of bowls of food on a tray
a group of bowls of food on a table
a table with different food items on it
a table with food on it
food in containers on a counter
a tray of food on a table

The complimentary alcohol selection was decent and featured a selection of beers, wines, and mid-range spirits. Non-alcoholic beverages were also available in a cooler.

buckets of wine bottles and a plant on a table
a bucket of beer bottles
a table with bottles of alcohol and bowls of fruit
a refrigerator with drinks in it

We visited the lounge all three nights of our stay to enjoy a quick snack before heading out for the evening.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located on the 3rd floor and features a variety of equipment. While most of the equipment is cardio focused, there is a good selection of weight machines as well as dumbbells and medicine balls.

a room with treadmills and exercise machines
a gym with exercise equipment and a mirror wall
a group of exercise machines in a gym
a gym with exercise equipment

In addition to the equipment, there was also a sauna located near the locker room.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel Sauna

Also in the locker room there was a large shower with multiple heads to rinse off after a workout. The hotel also provided towels via a nearby rack.

a shower with black tile walls
a wooden locker with towels on it


The Sheraton Stockholm has a fantastic location and capitalizes on the fact that it is one of the few Marriott properties in the city. The hotel is steps away from the Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Stockholm Central station which likely drives the vast majority of their revenue.

Our issues with the room were inconvenient but not terrible and I would still consider staying here again. The hotel has a very old corporate feel but, this is still a great trip for those are looking to spend a quick weekend in the city.

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