Review: Delta Sky Club LAX T3 Sky Way

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I had a layover in Los Angeles and was able to check out the new Delta Sky Club in the recently opened LAX Sky Way. Delta has been working on their terminals at LAX for years and, when the new headhouse opened, they opened a gorgeous new Sky Club there.

Delta Sky Club LAX Sky Way Sky Deck


Delta operates out of Terminals 2, 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. Until recently, these terminals weren’t connected behind security and a bus was used to transport pax between the terminals. Though it isn’t completed yet, the headhouse portion of the remodel connecting Terminals 2 and 3 has opened and with it, came the new Sky Club. If you’re connecting at LAX, just follow the signage in T2 and T3 towards Ground Transportation. When you make it to the connector, follow the signage to the Sky Club, located near security.

a group of people walking in a terminal
a group of people in a hallway with luggage

Hours of Operation

Currently, the new Sky Club in the T3 Sky Way is open from 4:15a to 12:30a daily. While the new T3 Club is the largest, LAX retained the Sky Club Located in T2. You can check the wait times and crowds in the Delta app

Entry Requirements

The most popular way to gain entry to the Sky Club is through a credit card. Both the American Express Personal and Business Platinum cards grant Sky Club access with a same day Delta boarding pass. The Delta SkyMiles Reserve (The Purple Card) Personal and Business cards also provide Sky Club access when flying Delta. Passengers flying on Delta One business class tickets or SkyTeam Elite+ members with a same day boarding pass can also access the club when flying internationally. Additional guest access can be purchased for $50.


The entry to the lounge is on the Concourse level, just past security. Here you will find the check-in kiosks as well as a set of escalators and stairs which take you up one level to the main portion of the club. Here, you’re first greeted by a giant, melting popsicle before entering the main portion of the lounge. The new Sky Club is massive, measuring at almost 30,000 square feet and has seating for over 500 passengers.

Delta Sky Club LAX Sky Way Entrance Art

The club is light and bright thanks to the massive floor to ceiling windows that run the length of the club. These also overlook the ramp and the two northern runways at LAX which is great for plane spotting. Though the lounge feels nice and open, it is divided into many different seating areas with various styles.

Immediately to the right after entering the lounge is a standard seating area near one of the buffets. These seats are a variety of café tables, high top seating and chairs overlooking the ramp. To the left is a large conference table which also has some single seating along the wall.

a man sitting in a chair in a lobby
a group of people in a room with chairs and tables

Further back in the lounge, there is another area that has a mixture of high backed couches and chairs along with some phone booths. I love seeing these in lounges as it allows for business to be conducted without bothering fellow passengers. Opposite this is the indoor portion of the bar, which is the centerpiece of the lounge.

a group of people sitting in a lounge area
people sitting at a bar

Towards the rear is a seating area facing a large TV that was playing various sports channels during my visit. Past this was a very fun room that looked like a tropical coffee shop which, according to Delta “offers a glamorous peek into the ambience of Hollywood’s Golden Age”.

a group of people sitting in chairs looking at a large screen
a group of people sitting at tables in a room with a mural on the wall
people in a lobby with a sign on the wall

Across from the coffee nook was a large dining room with options for 2-6 people. Even though the lounge was fairly busy, we still managed to find a seat here without issue. They also had a basket of board games here which I couldn’t decide if I liked or disliked the concept.

a room with a booth and chairs and a table with food and luggage
a group of board games on a counter

Finally, in the back of the lounge was another buffet. This one was tucked off the beaten path and had very little foot traffic during our visit.

Delta Sky Club LAX Sky Way Buffet

Delta also included one of their very popular Sky Decks in the new lounge which was massive. The main bar wraps around to the outside and there are a number of seating areas that overlook the operations on the ramp.

airplanes parked at an airport
a group of airplanes at an airport

Food and Beverage

Our visit coincided with breakfast and the buffets were set up with a variety of fruits, pastries and your standard continental breakfast options. They also had a build your own omelet station setup at the rear buffet. The bar area, both inside and outside, had the standard selection of complimentary drinks as well as a wide variety of items available for purchase. In addition, there was a self service beverage area with coffee and water as well as a Coca-Cola freestyle machine.

a display of pastries and pastries
a machine on a counter


As a frequent DL flyer, I’m excited to see the many improvement projects across the system come to fruition. While everything at LAX isn’t finished, the opening of the new T2/3 connector and the Sky Club is a huge upgrade for travelers flying through LAX. It will be even nicer for premium travelers once the Delta One lounge opens but this is still a great place to wait for a flight.

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