Review: Chase Sapphire Terrace Austin (AUS)

Chase opened the company’s first Sapphire Terrace in Austin last year but the first time I was able to visit was prior to my Delta flight to Midland/Odessa. A FlyerTalk buddy of mine drove upo from Houston to fly the inaugural with me and we split our time before the flight between the Delta Sky Club and the Sapphire Terrace.

Chase Sapphire Terrace Location

The Chase Sapphire Terrace is located at the eastern end of the concourse near Gates 1 and 2. Signage throughout the concourse is present to mark the way.

a group of people walking in a airport
Chase Sapphire Terrace Austin Signage

At the end of the concourse, across from Gate 1 is an elevator and a set of stairs. Small signs for both the Sapphire Terrace and Delta Sky Club are mounted across from the elevator.

a large building with a spiral staircase and chairs
Chase Sapphire Terrace Signage

As you step off the elevator, the Delta Sky Club is to the right and the Chase Sapphire Terrace is to the left. The lounge occupies the former public viewing terrace located at the east end of the concourse.

Hours of Operation

The Chase Sapphire Terrace Austin is currently open between 10:00a and 8:00p daily.

Entry Requirements

Access to the Chase Sapphire Terrace is limited only to Chase Sapphire Reserve and J.P. Morgan Reserve cardholders. Each cardholder may bring two guests, which is how I accessed the lounge. Access is limited to passengers on departing flights only and the lounge can be accessed three hours prior to departure.

As we approached the lounge entrance, a friendly agent was there to assist us. After a quick swipe of my buddy’s Chase Sapphire Reserve card and a look at our boarding passes, we were welcomed into the lounge.

Entrance to the Chase Sapphire Terrace in Austin
Entrance to the Chase Sapphire Terrace in Austin

Chase Sapphire Terrace Austin Layout

As the name implies, the Chase Sapphire Terrace is mostly outdoors. After entering the lounge from the concourse there is a small indoor area that houses some chairs and tables arranged in pairs.

a group of chairs in a room
Chase Sapphire Terrace Indoor Seating
a room with chairs and shelves
Chase Sapphire Terrace Indoor Seating

The bar is located in the rear of the indoor portion of the lounge, near the doors to the outside terrace.

Chase Sapphire Terrace Austin Bar
Chase Sapphire Terrace Austin Bar

Stepping outside, there is a group of high top tables you can stand around. There is also a temporary bar that can be utilized during peak times. Though we arrived 45 minutes prior to closing, they were already beginning to put away items throughout the lounge.

a room with tables and chairs
Outdoor Tables at the Chase Sapphire Terrace

Turning the corner, you will find the remainder of the lounge. Single seats and pairs of two are arranged around the perimeter, facing inward. The middle part of the lounge has a few different types of seating. Though it was approaching closing time, the lounge was still relatively busy.

a person standing on a deck
Chase Sapphire Terrace Seating
a group of people sitting outside a building
Thanks to the amazing weather, the lounge was busy right up until closing.
Chase Sapphire Terrace Seating
Chase Sapphire Terrace Seating

There are some picnic tables located in the center of the terrace along with a few more groupings of chairs.

a group of tables and chairs on a patio
Chase Sapphire Terrace Seating
a picnic table on a patio
Chase Sapphire Terrace Seating
a group of chairs outside a building
Patio Furniture at the Chase Sapphire Terrace

Lawn games are set up at the back of the terrace with cornhole and a shuffleboard court

Shuffleboard and Cornhole at the Chase Sapphire Terrace
Chase Sapphire Terrace Game Area

Food and Beverage

With such a small footprint, and the fact the majority of the lounge space is outdoors, it was no surprise that the food and beverage options were limited. The bar area had a few different varieties of chips including Cheez-Its, potato chips, and popcorn. Canned beer, wine, seltzer, and soda is also available.

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, two Farmer’s Fridge vending machines are located near the bar. These machines have a selection of wraps and salads available for “purchase”. Each item is $0 but limited to two per person. However, you can make as many $0 transactions as you wish.

Farmer's Fridge Vending Machines in the Chase Sapphire Terrace
Farmer’s Fridge Vending Machines in the Chase Sapphire Terrace


My travel buddy and I both found the lounge to be pleasant enough during our short visit though it has some flaws. First, the fact that the majority of the lounge space is outside means that you are completely at the mercy of Texas’ temperamental weather. We had nice weather during our visit but this place is likely an oven in the summer.

We grabbed a seat at one of the open picnic tables and sipped our beers while watching airplanes take off. As an AvGeek I really appreciated the ability to see and hear planes taking off and landing. However, I could see this being an issue for someone just looking to relax.

a bag of chips next to a can of beer
Snacks at the Chase Sapphire Terrace

As the only non-airline specific lounge in Austin, there is a high likelihood I’ll end up back in this lounge again. Though, depending on the weather, I’d rather grab a bite to eat in the terminal as Austin features a variety of local restaurants throughout the concourse.


The Chase Sapphire Terrace in Austin is the only non-airline affiliated lounge at the airport. If the weather cooperates it is a great place to hang out while waiting for your flight. On the other hand, since it is almost entirely outside, any sort of unfavorable weather makes waiting in the concourse a much better option.

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  1. The best part about the Chase terrace is that it’s right next to the skyclub. I went there with a business associate in Jan. Weather was ok, but no food in the vending machines and drinks were not appealing. Walked right over to the skyclub and got a full bar with a full spread of food. It’s better than the terminal for sure but pretty disappointed when I got there.

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