Review: Aegean Lounge Intra-Schengen (ATH)

After arriving on our delayed Aegean flight from Amsterdam, we headed off in search of the lounge. Though it would be a short visit as our 2+ hour layover had been cut down to just over an hour.


Aegean operates two lounges at their home base of Athens International airport. Their newest lounge is for extra-Schengen area flights. We headed for the intra-Schengen lounge which is located in Terminal B. On arrival, follow the signs for Business Lounges and gates B9-15. After passing the Winston Smoking Lounge, the entrance to the Aegean Lounge will be on your left.

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Hours of Operation

The Aegean Intra-Schengen Lounge is currently open daily from 4:00a-11:00p.

Entry Requirements

The lounge can be accessed by passengers flying Aegean Business Class as well as Gold members with Aegean’s Miles+Bonus program. Passengers holding Star Alliance Gold status departing on a same day Star Alliance flight can also access the lounge.

Aegean Lounge (Intra-Schengen) Entrance

The lounge attendants checked our boarding passes and then welcomed us into the lounge.


The lounge was set up as a rectangle that was divided into two, distinct areas. The first part of the lounge was the main seating area that featured a mix of chairs and loveseat/sofas separated by small tables.

Aegean Lounge Athens Seating

The lounge was fairly busy when we arrived but we managed to find a couple of seats together in the corner behind the reception desk.

a group of people sitting in a lounge area
a group of people sitting in a room with white couches

In the rear of the lounge was the food and beverage area that also housed a collection of two top café tables as well as some high top bar seating.

Aegean Lounge Athens Café Seating

Food and Beverage

The buffet was set up along the back wall of the lounge. There were some bottled juices and pre-portioned fruit cups available next to some local Greek wines.

Aegean Lounge Athens Buffet

There was a large selection of pastries available, both sweet and savory, that looked delicious.

a tray of food on a counter
a buffet line of food

Finally, there was a selection of sandwiches, wraps, cheese, cold cuts, and bread available.

Aegean Lounge Athens Buffet

My favorite part of the lounge was the self-service bar area, which utilized an airplane service cart to display the available liquors. While some might appreciate a fully staffed bar, I thought that this was really cool and I tried to convince Mrs. ATX Jetsetter to let me get one for our house.

Aegean Lounge Athens Bar Cart

Though the selections looked good, we elected to pass on the food and drinks since we had eaten on the plane and only had a short time in the lounge before our connecting flight.


The Aegean Lounge in the Intra-Schengen lounge was a very pleasant space and, though it was fairly busy when we arrived, we found it to be a nice space to wait for a flight. While I didn’t try any of the food it looked delicious and I would gladly connect through Athens again and utilize this lounge.

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