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After arriving in Badenweiler and checking in to our hotel for the weekend, we headed straight over to a welcome party for the wedding we were attending in nearby Neiderweiler. After the welcome party, a bunch of us headed over to the Ratskeller Bar in Badenweiler to keep the party going.

Ratskeller Bar Entrance Badenweiler

The Ratskeller Bar is located in the basement and has a great, old timey beer hall vibe. We had a couple of pints here before the jet lag and our long travel day caught up to us, so we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

a glass of beer on a coaster
a group of people sitting at tables in a room with art on the wall

Saturday, our only full day in town, we woke up around 10:00a as we were still battling jet lag and headed downstairs for breakfast. Afterwards, we decided to head out for a walk around Badenweiler. We left the hotel and headed up the Ernst-Eisenlohr-Strasse towards the center of town.

a building with flags in front of it
a building with a steeple on top

After strolling around for a bit we headed over to the Kurhaus Badenweiler, the cultural center and tourist information building. The multi-level building is built into the hillside and sits below the Badenweiler Castle. We first headed up to the roof of the building, which had a view of town, before starting our climb up to the castle.

a building with a castle in the background
a group of flags in front of a town

Badenweiler Castle, or Burg Baden, are the remnants of a hilltop castle that dates back to around the year 1080. The castle is free to visit and has numerous viewpoints of the town and surrounding countryside below. We first stopped at the edge of one of the old walls that had great views out towards the Rhine River and neighboring France.

View of Müllheim and the Rhine River Valley as seen from Badenweiler Castle

We spent about a half hour here walking around the grounds which were very well preserved given the age of the castle. There were multiple courtyards and viewing areas throughout the property which provided panoramic views of Badenweiler.

a tree next to a stone building
a stone building with trees and mountains in the background

After exploring the castle we headed back down to the Kurhaus. There was a small café located there and we stopped to relax and have a drink.

Drinks at the Kurhaus Badenweiler Café

Refreshed and recharged, Mrs. ATX Jetsetter was ready to do some shopping, so we strolled along the Luisenstrasse and visited some of the local shops.

a street with trees and buildings
a door with a gold design above it

With our shopping trip complete, it was time for us to go back to the hotel and start getting ready for the weekend’s main event. The wedding was held at a nearby winery and our hosts for the weekend provided shuttles from the hotel to the winery in the form of donkey carts. Mrs. ATX Jetsetter was very excited until she realized that a donkey cart was just the local name for a golf cart.

Luisenstrasse Badenweiler

We headed out to the front of the hotel 30 minutes before the wedding and hopped on the ‘donkey cart’. A short drive through the park later, we were dropped off at the location of the ceremony which was a gorgeous family owned winery on the outskirts of town.

Weingut Schneider-Krafft

After a wonderful ceremony, and entirely too much food and wine, we finally called it a night just before 1:00a.

a bottle of wine on a table
a grill with meat on it

On our final morning in town, we went to the hotel spa and sauna to try and sweat out some of the wine from the night before. After a shower, we finished packing and headed down to the restaurant for breakfast.

Sunday in Badenweiler is slow so we headed to the lobby early to check-out and call a taxi. It took almost 20 minutes, but ne finally showed up to take us to the station in Müllheim, bringing our quick weekend in Badenweiler to an end.


Mrs. ATX Jetsetter and I both enjoyed our time in Badenweiler. We likely never would have found it if it weren’t for our friends wedding but, we certainly see why many people across Europe enjoy vacationing here. If we were spending more than a couple of days here we would have wanted a rental car to explore more as the town is quite small. We felt that we saw everything we needed to see in a few hours.

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