British Airways Adding Flights to Tromsø this Winter

In an exciting, but quirky new development British Airways is adding flights to Tromsø, Norway this winter. The carrier has been finalizing their Winter 2024 route network in recent weeks and the Tromsø announcement caught my eye.

Why Tromsø?

Tromsø is known for being a great destination to view the northern lights. Mrs. ATX and I spent a few days there in February and had the chance to witness some truly amazing sights. The photos don’t do the experience justice.

green lights in the sky
Tromsø is the starting point for many northern lights tours.

In addition to the northern lights, the city is a major logistics hub for Northern Norway. Tromsø is the third largest city in the world that lies north of the Arctic Circle (behind Murmansk and Norilsk in Russia). There are many other activities available for visitors in the wintertime including fjord tours, dogsled tours and reindeer sledding.

If you’re interested in going but worried about the temperature, don’t. Owing to its location along a fjord and the nearby, ice free, Norwegian Sea, the temperatures are fairly mild in the winter. It was no colder than many of the ski towns in Colorado during the winter.

Sommaroy in Norway
The nearby Norwegian Sea helps keep the city warmer than the surrounding countryside.

British Airways Tromsø Schedule

British Airways’ Tromsø flights are scheduled to operate 2x weekly on Thursdays and Sundays using Airbus A320neo aircraft. The flights will depart London’s Heathrow Airport in the morning before turning around for an afternoon flight back from Tromsø. The flights will operate on the following schedule:

Tromsø Airport Exterior
British Airways will begin flying 2x weekly from London to Tromsø in December

London Heathrow (LHR) to Tromsø (TOS)
BA 612 Departs: 8:25a Arrives: 1:00p

Tromsø (TOS) to London Heathrow (LHR)
BA 613 Departs: 1:40p Arrives: 4:25p

These flights don’t appear to be well timed for international connections, especially from North America. While some transatlantic flights arrive in London early enough for a same day connection to Tromsø, you’ll likely have an overnight in London each direction.

The seasonal service will operate between December 1st, 2024 and March 27th, 2025. For more information and booking options visit


British Airways plans to connect London and Tromsø, Norway with 2x weekly flights this winter. The flights aren’t well timed for international connections, but this still provides many one-stop routing options from Northern Norway to the world.

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