Air Force One Gets a Refresh

Air Force One VC-25B New Paint Scheme

Air Force One is getting a new paint job!…..Kinda.

The United States Air Force announced today that President Joe Biden has selected a new livery design for VC-25B which “will closely resemble the current Air Force One while also modernizing it for the 21st century.

At first glance it is difficult to tell that any changes have been made at all, though there are a few slight changes noticeable the longer you look. The light blue used on the upcoming VC-25B is deeper than the robin’s egg blue that is currently flying on the VC-25A. Also, the engines now utilize the darker blue found above the cheatline.

The final one is probably the most noticeable to most familiar with the current Air Force One, and that is the polished metal section is no longer present on the underside of the aircraft. This is due to the fact that modern commercial airline skins don’t allow for that look.

Many people probably expected to see the red, white, and blue livery that has been widely used in connection with the plane. However, a livery decision was not required until this year for Boeing to conduct the necessary engineering, certifications and supplier selection. It was determined that the darker blue in that design would require the FAA to conduct additional testing due to the added heat.

Deliveries of the VC-25B are expected to occur in 2027 for the first airframe and in 2028 for the second. As with its predecessors, both aircraft will be uniquely modified to suit the needs of the President, staff and guests.

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