2023 Lone Star MasterBash on Possum Kingdom Lake

A few friends and I started the first Lone Star MasterBash back in 2017. It was an annual reunion for MasterCraft Boat owners in Texas and started as a casual tie up on Lake Travis. Over the years it has grown and, for the first time, we transitioned management of the event over to our local dealer for 2023. I know this is a little different than my usual trip reports, but sometimes it is fun to go off the beaten path.

Mrs. ATX Jetsetter and I drove up from Austin on Thursday night and checked into the Motorboat Inn. Friday morning we both had some work calls to attend to but headed down to the base of operations, Bonita Shores, in the afternoon. There, they had 4 new boats available to demo as well as Flite Board e-foils you could ride as well. It was a laid back atmosphere and professional wakeboarder Parks Bonifay also made the trip in for the event.

a group of flags next to a body of water
a sailboat and a boat dock

After the demos ended at 5:00p, dinner was served at the adjacent restaurant, Bonitaville. MarineMax Texas MasterCraft paid for a taco bar for everyone in attendance and a cash bar was on offer. Unfortunately, Bonitaville’s draft beer system wasn’t working so everything was in bottles.

a man standing at a counter in a restaurant
a group of people holding plates of food

From dinner, we headed to the Motorboat to drop off our trucks and trailers before heading over to PK Ice house. They had a live band playing on the back patio and we hung out and chatted with some of the fellow attendees, some of which we have become good friends with over the years. In a true travel feat, one guy flew in from Japan to attend the event.

a man playing guitar in a building
a group of people sitting at tables and chairs in front of a bar

We called it quits at PK Ice House just before midnight and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep. I woke up the next morning around 8:30a and after running errands for ice, breakfast, and drinks, we were loaded up and headed to the boat ramp by 10:00a.

Motorboat Inn Parking Lot Possum Kingdom Lake

The ramp was already starting to fill up so we hopped in the boat and headed out for a few hours of wakeboarding and surfing. Aside from some wind it was a great day to be at the lake (but are there really any bad days?).

Surfing at Possum Kingdom Lake

By 1:00p, we made our way over to Hell’s Gate and Possum Kingdom Lake “Party Cove” where our tie up for the afternoon was located.

a large rock formation in the water
a group of boats parked on a lake

We spent roughly three and a half hours tied up in the cove with 30-40 other MasterCrafts before some ominous looking clouds started to build to our west. We decided it was time to call it a day and high tailed it back to the boat ramp. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it fast enough and the sky opened up just as we pulled into the marina.

a body of water with buildings and boats
a body of water with a boat in it

Thankfully, we took a glancing blow from the storm and the sun was shining 20 minutes later. With the boat safely on the trailer, we headed back to the hotel to drop it off and change out of our wet clothes before heading to Hemingway’s Craft House

for dinner.

Hemingway’s is located very close to the Motorboat Inn and the boat ramp on the grounds of the Lush Resort. It has become our go to place after a day at the lake and it was packed that evening as two different boat owners reunions were at the lake that day.

Hemmingway's Craft House Possum Kingdom Lake

It took about 45 minutes to get seated and we started off with a trio of dips before moving on to the chicken fried chicken which was delicious.

a plate of chips and dips on a table
a plate of food on a table

Full from our meal, we headed over to visit our DFW based friends at their on-water AirBNB for some smores, scotch, and cigars.

a dock over a body of water with houses and trees
a seat on a boat

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to start our drive home. We arrived in Austin just after 1:30p to conclude this quick trip up to Possum Kingdom Lake. Thanks for coming along!

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